“Leaked” WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2016

What culture.com is a wrestling “news” site not generally known for  good journalism as much as its known for clickbait(Author’s note, I did write quite a few pretty terrible articles for whatculture.com, before being asked to stop. check out my profile! Clickbait James!); this same site has given us a leaked list of WWE Hall of Famers and it is quite a doozie.

Now, I am hesitant to believe this “rumored list”. Here is their quote

“WhatCulture.com has learned that a source high-up inside WWE recently let slip the names of five candidates who have been discussed for this year’s Hall of Fame.”

Said source has given us a list and what a list. Some expected, some surprises and some catastrophes. Let’s take a look:


Fabulous Freebirds


I think its pretty obvious at this point that the Fabulous Freebirds are going in this year. Its Texas…Dallas, Texas; The Town the Freebirds did their biggest and best work.

Their feud with the Von Erichs made WCCW a powerhouse of the expanding territory times in the early 80s. The were brash, bold and doing “it” before Vince McMahon ever took control of the WWF ship.

Buddy Roberts, Terry Gordy and Michael Hayes are long overdue. Sometimes it has felt  like a rib  being played on longtime employee Michael Hayes by the organization itself. He inducted the Von Erichs in 2009, 7 years ago. What’s was the holdup?

I’ll believe this prediction is on point.  and expect Jimmy Garvin to be included, due to his time with the WCW version of the Freebirds. Rumors suggest this inclusion is at the request of Hayes himself.


What a good friend


Jackie Moore


Jackie Moore or Jacqueline Moore is likely an unknown to most current fans and for good reason, her career with the WWE was short.

Jacqueline was the first Women’s champion during the resurgence of that championship in 1998. She defeated Sable in a surprise during the finals of the women’s tournament. This made her the first Africian American WWF female champion, a noteworthy event. She also won the Cruiserweight Championship later in her term, making her the first WWF female to do so as well.

The question is, do these “firsts” make Jackie a Hall of Famer? She did very little of else (one should forget her “awesome” group PMS) and left the WWE to have an on again/off again relationship with TNA for years.

WWE likes putting in a female every year. Jackie lives in the area. I buy this one regardless of whether its deserved or not.




Hey! Did you know JBL is from Texas? Really? Texas?!

WWE sometimes tend to lean on the area of Wrestlemania for its induction list. Larger states like Texas, NY or Florida have historically had classes featuring talent from that area or heavily associated with the area (2013- Bruno, Backlund, Foley, Booker or 2009- Austin, Watts, Funk, Von Erichs)

Texas is the only reason to include JBL at this point. He is an obvious Hall of Famer but not a pressing induction. He is fairly recently retired wrestler, not old, and currently on television every week. He will likely be employed for a long time to come, which means there is plenty of time. (and why they held off on the much older Michael Hayes, but would include a much younger JBL?)

Plus, there are many other Texas wrestlers who should be included first, including Stan Hansen. Here’s hoping this rumor is just that, a rumor.


Regis Philbin


YAY for celebrities!


Let’s ask the question we ask every year when it comes to the Celebrity Inductee…..Why does Regis Philbin belong in the WWE Hall of Fame? Plain answer is he doesn’t.

But despite how stupid it is, WWE will continue to include celebrities year after year. We can’t stop that.

Well if there has to be a celebrity, why Regis Philbin? Philbin has main street cred. Like Swarzenegger last year, the media will report that Regis Philbin is going in. I don’t think its the best choice (Cyndi Lauper, Andy Kaufman, Lemmy or even Lawrence Taylor would be better), but its very possible.

Regis Philbin- getting into the WWE Hall of Fame for having a sense of humor. At least its not as bad as Drew Carey

Drew Carey = Sad

Drew Carey = Sad


Charles Wright aka The Godfather


Oh not again. Last year, WWE inducted a questionable Attitude Era character act in Rikishi. This one would be even worse.

The Godfather (not Charles Wright, Kama, Papa Shango or any of his other characters) was a semi-offensive character. He was an actual pimp….with hos…and an agency… Yup.

I don’t know how or why WWE in 2016 would want to include such a character in their Hall of Fame. Its mind boggeling, especially considering Vader, Lex Luger, and Demolition- all who are alive- have not yet been included.

This would be a Ko Ko B. Ware/ Bushwhackers level mistake for the WWE Hall of Fame.


I really hope this list isn’t the actual truth, otherwise its gonna be a really disappointing time this year.

Latest WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2016 Rumors!

Its officially WWE Hall of Fame (And Wrestlemania) season!

With Sting being announced as the first inductee, it is only a matter of time before the rest of the Class of 2016 starts tricking out.

This past week there were some rumors, some expected, some not for the rest of the upcoming class. Let’s take a look.




You trust that smile?



The week prior to WWE’s announcement of Sting as the first WWE Hall of Famer this year,  Future Hall of Famer, Vader posted the tweet above.

Speculation abounded. Was Vader going in this year? Did he give away an induction before the WWE?

Likely not. Similar to King Kong Bundy in 2013 announcing a big announcement, (which ended up being getting inducted in the PWR hall of fame)

…Vader is likely pushing for induction. Like Bundy, it will not sway the WWE. They seem to have a Texas theme this year, one which Vader doesn’t fit into.

Don’t get me wrong, Vader should and will eventually get in. He has now turned 60 years old, and will be a welcome addition to any class. Not going to happen this year.

Chances of Induction 2 out of 10


Fabulous Freebirds


Not In the Hall of Fame has a great list of all wrestlers (and other sports stars) not included in their respective Hall of Fames. Over the last few years, many on the top of their lists (Bruno, Randy Savage, Bob Backlund, Mick Foley, Jake Roberts) have gone in. The Freebirds have been one of the highest rated left out.

Any long time wrestling fan sees the Fabulous Freebirds in a positive light. They were the first and possible greatest heel faction. This may upset some Four Horsemen fans, and in WWE world, The Horsemen are the pinnacle (also the precursor to Evolution)

And that’s all well in good. But in a fight of importance for the business, the Fabulous Freebirds would win. They made WCCW, made the Von Erichs, were the first group of heels who weren’t defined by a manger  (think Grand Wizard’s group or Heenan Family),  revolutionized with some of the first theme music, and had longevity.

That is on top of Michael Hayes, who one could argue has had more to do with modern wrestling than anyone not named (or married into) the McMahon Family. He is severely due an induction.

Even Stone Cold Steve Austin has come out in support, going as far as to say he wouldn’t come to Wrestlemania 32 if the Freebirds didn’t get their due.

Likely included with the original three (Hayes, Buddy Roberts and Terry Gordy) will be Gorgeous Jimmy Garvin, who stepped into the team in WCW in the late 80s/early 90s as Michael Hayes partner. The Freebirds might have always been a team but Michael Hayes was the living breathing Freebird. Rumor suggests thayt Hayes pushed for Garvin to be included. This will allow Hayes to have a compatriot on stage with him, as Gordy and Roberts both passed away.

Well deserved, and frankly very late coming.

Chances of Induction: 9 out of 10


Stan Hansen


Texas is a state of mind. Cowboy hats, ranching, guns, heat- all things which you think of when seeing Texas in your mind.

No one has represented so many of those factors more than Stan “the lariat” Hansen. Hansen might be an unknown to many current WWE fans as his major runs took place mostly outside of the WWE and even outside of the United States.

Still he had some memorable WWE moments, most specifically breaking Bruno Sammartino’s neck and their great steel cage battle at Shea Stadium.

He won the AWA world heavyweight championship in 1986 (as one of the many desperate moves by Verne Gagne in the 80s), defeated a red hot Lex Luger for the United States championship in WCW and dominated wherever he went.

Hansen’s greatest legacy has to be his international credibility. WWE is never likely to admit, but it is extremely difficult for an American to get over in Japan. They either need to be an attraction (Andre), an amazing wrestler, or the monster type. Hansen, like Vader, Giant Bernard and others who followed him, dominated as the unstoppable American heel.

Hansen is also on great terms with WWE, even inducting Antonio Inoki in 2010. It’s Hansen’s time and I fully expect this one to go through this year.

Chances of Induction 7 out of 10




Los Angeles GRAMMY Nominee Celebration - LA Chapter

Oh the dreaded Celebrity Inductee! Any reader of this blog knows I hate the celebrity inductee. To qualify, I say that said celebrity actually had to have a monumental effect on WWE or wrestling in general. As far as I can tell, only Mr. T, Cyndi Lauper, Mike Tyson and Andy Kaufman meet this criteria. So regardless of who it would be, I’m going to hate it.

Rumors have been abounding the Lemmy from Motorhead, who recently died would be inducted this year. I for one, think this is very likely. Lemmy (and Motorhead) have done all of Triple H’s theme songs including King of Kings, The Game and his Authority song.

Basically Lemmy will get this induction for writing one guys’ theme music and being dead. Seems very WWE of them to do this. Plus, think of the press!

Vince is Happy

Vince is Happy

If it has to be, I would suggest they induct the entire band, Lemmy and Motorhead. This will allow Triple H to memorialize Lemmy and still have the honor be accepted by someone.

Somehow a band going into the Hall of Fame seems wrong, but its the Celebrity wing, It doesn’t have to make sense. Why?



Chances of Induction: 7 out of 10




Did you know JBL was from Texas? The current cowboy hat wearing announcer for Raw is a sure fire future WWE Hall of Famer. But does it need to be now?

WWE has a tendency to induct some of their employees too early. Eddie Guerrero died in 2005 and went in in 2006. Edge retired in 2011 and joined in 2012. Its a normal thing that the E does and all it does it make it possible for another older inductee possibly not living to see induction.

I have been very critical of the WWE for not inducting Randy Savage when they could have, instead putting Steve Austin in before he was 50 (in 2009) and Shawn Michaels 8 months after he retired (2011). JBL is another example of this. Should he go in? Yes. in 2016? Nope.

Instead, include another Texas legend (Bruiser Brody, though deceased is well past due), or another 70s/80s star who has been skipped over (Rick Martel, Rock n Roll Express, Koloffs, and many more). Include Honky Tonk Man, Demolition, Mr. Wrestling II, The Destroyer, and many others before they die! C’mon WWE, heads out of your butts!

Chances of Induction: 4 out of 10

Who else do you think are going to be included this year? Are they going with a Texas theme after all?


Sting Announced for WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2016


The headliner is in! The Stinger is officially joining the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2016. Expect Sting to headline this class as the major marquee star.

Sting, the last of the great WCW stars to join the WWE, had his only 4 matches with the E in 2015, coming out with a record of 2-2. (and 0-2 on PPV)

His injury during his WWE WH Championship match had led to speculation of retirement. His induction likely cements that we have seen the last of 56 year old Sting in the WWE ring.

Sting will be forever entwined with WCW, its legacy and its style. His greatest feuds included Ric Flair (likely to induct him), Hollywood Hogan, Vader and Lex Luger.

I will write a full breakdown of the Stinger in the upcoming weeks.

Are you Happy to see the Stinger in the WWE Hall of Fame?